2013 Sermons

70 Weeks Prophecy

And the Meek Shall – Brother Jason

Babylon the Great

Brick vs Stone – Brother Jason

Curses No More?

Day of Atonement

Day of Thanksgiving

Days of Restoration


Disciples in Training


Emotions of God

End of the Age

Everything Nice – Brother Jason

Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Trumpets

Fresh Look at John 3:16

God’s Forgotten Book

How many covenants did God make?



Last Three Seals

Learning Spiritual Warfare 1 – Lifting the Veil

Learning Spiritual Warfare 2 – Preparing for Battle

Learning Spiritual Warfare 3 - Breaking the Bonds

Learning Spiritual Warfare 4 – Covering Cherubs

Learning Spiritual Warfare 5 – Going to Battle

Milk and Meat

Mocking God

Seeking the Lost – Brother Jason

Spiritual Bonds

The Four Horsemen Part 1

The Four Horsemen Part 2

The Passover

The Word

Time Given to America


What is Expected?

Where is Eden?

Where is Your Treasure?

Where the Heart is

Who are the Elect?

Who is Good?

You are a Fig Tree