2016 Sermon List

Babel 2.0


Corruption of the Flesh

How have the gods changed their People from Then to Now

Jesus the Christ or the Crutch


Revelation Chapters 1-3 The Seven Churches

Revelation Chapters 4-5 The Worthy One

Revelation Chapters 6-8:5 Part 1 The Four Horsemen

Revelation Chapters 6-8:5 Part 2 The Saints and the 144,000

Revelation Chapters 8:6-11:19 The Seven Trumpets

Revelation Chapters 12-13 The Woman and the Dragon, Beasts from the Sea and Earth

Revelation Chapter 14 Uniqueness of the 144,000 Three Angels Message and The Reaping

Revelation Chapter 15-16  The Wrath of God

Revelation Chapter 17  Babylon

Revelation Chapter 18  The Fall of Babylon

Revelation Chapter 19  Armageddon

Revelation Chapter 20  Thousand Year Rest and a New Beginning

Revelation Chapter 21  New Jerusalem

Revelation Chapter 22  Tree of Life

The Enemy among us - Brother Jason

The Lost Sheep and Tribes of Israel

Where has the Anointing Oil gone?

Why was Mankind created?