Babylon the Great

†††† I think most if not all Christians have undoubtedly have heard something about this famous figure in Bible prophecy. She is described in such descriptive words as well as the beast she is pictured riding. She also plays such a significant role in prophecy along with the beast she rides. Last sermon I gave I pointed out that though many in the Christian community believe or were taught that the woman is representing some form of an apostate religion, but what has been forgotten or ignored is that prophecies in the Old Testament contain women which do not represent some form of religious organization, they represented nations either good or bad. With this in mind let us go back and look at the scriptures containing the prophecy of Babylon the Great.

†††† As we look at her remember that she is one that comes onto the scene as a harlot during the last days, so was she always a harlot or did she become one? I believe she became one and was not one in the beginning. In Revelation 17:1-18 you will find the description of her, while in Revelation 18:1-24 we get to see her demise. As we get a picture of this woman (nation) in verses 4 and 5 we find her dressed in wealth and that she drinks from a cup full of abomination, showing she enjoys parting of such things that God finds abominable and has no regret of doing so. We find more abominations in verse 6 were we see that she revels in the demise of Godís people to the point of drunkenness. This verse shows couple things, one is that she supports the destruction of those that follow The Almighty and His son Jesus and another is that she herself will also part take in bringing down the faithful. So this nation that becomes the harlot was once good and as time goes by she becomes this notorious Harlot known as Babylon the Great.

†††† This Harlot that is spoken of is the very nation in which we live. She was a Godly nation and one that did not sell herself to other nations of the world, but as time goes by she becomes this very influential Harlot. As our nation is a diverse nation of many people and nationalities, so is the Harlot we see in Chapter 17 verse 1 where she is pictured as sitting upon many waters and that these waters are shown to us in verse 15 of what they represent. No other nation has sold herself to others and gained such influence over all the other nations of this world then our very own and that this would take place more so during the last days and for this influence we find in Chapter 17 verse 16 that these same ones will hate her for it in the end. We can see our nation today begin to fill that hated role in the world and that regardless of her sway over them that they will eventually turn on her. We know that her destruction also takes place before Christís return since this beast that she rides turns on her and devours her are the Kings of the earth (Revelation 18:9) are still around at her destruction which are the same ones that will make war against the Lamb which has not yet happened.

†††† One last comparison of this Harlot nation and our own is found in Revelation 18:3. No other nation has accomplished this other than ours; she has continued to spread her abominations all over the world in the guise of spreading freedom while it is only spreading and supporting her own fornication and abominations.

†††† The final downfall of her will happen not slowly over time, but will befall her very quickly as it is spoken of in Chapter 18 verse 17. She will be caught off guard and will not have a chance to avoid her inevitable destruction. As I have said before, we need to remain watchful of all that goes on and not be found parting of any of her abominations as we are warned of in Chapter 18 verse 4.

†††† Let us be found rejoicing (Revelation 18:20) and not weeping for we know our redemption draws nigh.