Curses No More?

   I believe for the most part that people do not think curses and especially biblical curses exist. Or maybe people just don’t want to deal with and face the truth of the matter. It could be that curses are a form of punishment and you know how everyone just loves to accept punishment, especially for the wrong that they commit. It also could be the fact that everyone is told that God and Jesus are love and nothing other than that so when they hear anything that could be viewed outside of that box that they have placed them in that it hurts their senses. Curses could be viewed as old fashioned, outdated and or even superstitious. Another reason someone may think that they are not Biblical is that nowadays we seem to connect curses to more dark practices such as witchcraft, druidism and voodoo. If they are then connected to those practices then surly curses cannot be affiliated with God and Jesus.

   Myself I think it’s more of an out of sight out of mind thing with Christians with a little of the since Jesus died for us all those things of old are done away with so “No worries” all that consequence stuff has been done away with and all that is left is love, love, love. I know that Christians hold on to some of the Law and teach accordingly, but they on pick and choose what they feel is relevant. Either you take all of the Law or you take none of it, be not lukewarm when it comes to the commandments of God. If all is done away with then curses are gone, but if the law remains then so does the curses of breaking it. Just to take a look at some of these curses that befall those that break the law lets read Deuteronomy 27:15-26 and 28:15-68. God takes His words seriously and we should as well. He didn’t write the Law because He was bored, but wanted to keep us safe from danger as well as to see if we would be obedient to what He would ask of us to do.

    Since that just covers curses that deal with breaking the Law. There are also others besides just those. There are also generational curses (Exodus 20:5), ones that carry-on through a family tree. There is no set curse that will befall the generations, but from I have seen they can range from health, financial and even mental well-being. I believe one of the reasons of so many problems that people face today stems from a culmination and a continuing compounding of curses that are being ignored and nothing is being done about it. You cannot fix something if you have no clue about what needs to be fixed. So many are blind and ignorant to their existence, so as time goes on and curses befall the land and people with no call to truly step in and break the cycle then the problem will continue to compound.

   The topic of curses is better suited for a bible study format where you can get into deeper areas and ideas of curses and how they work and how they can be broken. There is one more I would like to bring up and like the others it is still relevant like the others even today.

   It is the verbal curse, a curse that is spoken out loud against someone or something. There are many throughout the scriptures, but the few that I want to bring up are first Jesus’ curse of the Fig tree mentioned in Mark 11:21 as well as Elisha’s curse of the she-bears in 2 Kings 2:24. As far as a curse with a wide spread effect then you can look at Elijah in 2 Kings 17:1 that lasted three years. These are all examples of curses that have been spoken and fulfilled.

   Yes, curses do exist even today and that we have to be careful in what we do in our lives to avoid bringing them upon not just ourselves, but our families as well. Also we being servants of the Lord need to be mindful of what we may say or even pray for and at the same time being mindful that at moments in our lives God may even place within our mouths to speak a curse upon someone or something as He has done many of times.