End of The Age

   The video that we watch shows some interesting things that have happened in a short period of time this year. I am quite sure we will be seeing of these things as time goes on and even since the creation of the video even more large earthquakes have taken place and more land disasters also have taken place with sinkholes and just large sections of land just sliding away. Besides all this we have crazy dictators such as in North Korea making threats against others. Jesus said that there would be signs and that they are just the beginning of things to come.

   We are watchmen and not sleepy men or at least we are not supposed to be sleeping. Jesus told his disciples to always be on the lookout for signs of his coming. Since even Jesus does not know when he will be returning he had his disciples and those that would come after them to stay awake and be watchful for signs that would lead to his return. No matter what happens in our world and that we see on the news or if we think that Jesus is going to return in our lifetime or not. He has given us a charge to stay awake and to be watchful of events that will befall this world that will signal his approaching day.

   Some people go to the extreme is setting times and dates or they may even build their life around the expectations of what they believe will be the time when Jesus returns. Again we are to stay awake and not be paranoid or even dismissive of events that may take place.

   It is hard to remain watchful of something that people for centuries have been waiting for and anticipating Jesus returns, especially since he had said that he was coming quickly.