Godís Forgotten Book

†††† What book may your name be found in? There are many books spoken of throughout the scriptures, some that are mentioned are physical books and the others are spiritual. Do not think that the spiritual ones are not truly real as if they are just some kind of analogy being used, for they are more real than the books that are written today, since those contain not just the names of those saved, but also everything that you have ever done or said.

†††† The book of Revelation mentions these books more than any other book in the Bible, which makes sense of course because it deals with the period of time when they would be used more. Revelation 13:8 and 17:8 both mention a book called The Book of Life and that were not written in it would fall prey to the wonders of the Beast. We see later in Revelation 21:27 that only those that were not written in the Lambís Book of Life could not enter the city New Jerusalem. So we know that Jesus being the Lamb of God and our sacrifice has a book containing names of those that he feels are faithful servants and followers.

†††† David even mentions a book called The Book of the Living in Psalms 69:28. He speaks of those that should not be written in it. Is this the same as the Book of Life? There is no connection between these books and since this one is mentioned before Jesus ever came down, I believe this book contained the names of the faithful from Adam up to the time of Jesus and once Jesus had fulfilled all that he came down here to do he started his own book that we know by the name The Book of Life. Both books being filled with the faithful, those written in them would receive the same reward of entering the Kingdom of God.

†††† Daniel speaks also of books and these books are connected to judgment in Daniel 7:10. Than later on in Chapter 12 Verse 1 Daniel speaks of a single book and those found in it shall be delivered. So now we have Daniel speaking of two different types, a Book of Deliverance and Books of Judgment. These same Books of Judgment are mentioned again in Revelation 20:12 along with the Book of Life and out of the Books are we to be judged for all that we have done and said are contained in them.

†††† So we have found in the scriptures a Book of the Living, Book of Life, Book of Deliverance and Books of Judging, but there is one more book that I have saved for last because this particular book belongs to none other than The Almighty. We first read of it in Exodus 32:32, 33 where we see Moses asking to be removed from it for the sake of the Israelites who had sinned a great sin. Moses was willing to sacrifice his life for them, but The Almighty corrects Moses in verse 33. Another interesting fact about the uniqueness of this book is found in Malachi 3:16-18. Here we find that those that are written in it are written in it because they feared the LORD and they spoke often of the LORD between them and this book is called The Book of Remembrance. Those that the LORD wrote in it would be His gems, they would hold a special place in His eyes and that in the end He would spare them as a man would spare his own son. This speaks highly of the relationship between these individuals and The Almighty. Also those written in the Book of Remembrance would be given the responsibility and authority to judge between the Righteous and the Wicked.

†††† So remember while you walk upon this world all that you do and say is being written down for the day you stand before The Almighty and let us pray that we will be found worthy to be written down in one of those books so that we will be able to enter into the Kingdom of God.