How Many Covenants did God make?

     It is always exciting and rewarding when The Almighty opens your eyes to scriptures that you have read before, but never noticed the depths that that scripture will take you. While studying up on Noah I came across another scripture in Hebrews that led me further and further into the Bible. Paul speaks of a covenant in Hebrews 8:1-13, a New Covenant, but if he is implying that this covenant is the one spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 26:28 then Paul was mistaken about what the covenant was and when the new one would take place. He speaks as if the covenant Jesus made is the same as the one that Paul quotes from in the Old Testament. Another assumption Paul makes is about the old covenant was faulty. I want to share with you of what I have been shown concerning the covenant that was made by The Almighty.

     A New Covenant will be established with The Almighty’s people after those days, when His Law will be written within us and everyone will know Him and that there will be no need to teach people about The Almighty for all will know Him. Jeremiah 31:31-34 speaks of this and this scripture is the one Paul quotes from.  How do we know when this covenant takes place? When has the Law been written on the hearts and minds of men and that there is no need to teach people about The Almighty because everyone already knows Him? So far that has not happened, so let us see when this covenant takes place. Jeremiah speaks of this time when ALL will know The Almighty and that His Law will be written on our hearts and minds and that there will be no need of teaching for all will know Him. Jeremiah mentions in chapter 32:37-40 the same covenant that The Almighty makes with His people and it is an everlasting one.

     So from Jeremiah we know that there are a few factors that point to when this covenant will be put into effect. First we have a time when the Law will be written within everyone as well as there being no need to teach others about The Almighty, because all will already know Him. Second is that he will gather His people from all countries and He will give them one heart and one way. From this know without a doubt that the covenant has not been made yet, since none of this has taken place. Oh, and for those that think the forming of the country called Israel may point to Jeremiah 32:37-40, think again because those that formed that country were Jews which only make up one tribe and not all twelve, as we are studying this in our Sabbath School.

     Jeremiah leads us to another Prophet, Isaiah. Isaiah 11:9 answers the question of when, because it speaks of a time when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of The Almighty, just as Jeremiah 31:34 speaks of this as well. This New Covenant does not happen until after the end times or as it is said in Jeremiah 31:33 when it says “After those days”. This will be when all things are made new, a new heave, a new earth and a new covenant.

     Though, Paul maybe trying to make the connection between the covenant that Jesus made during the Passover and Jeremiah’s prophecy, but Jeremiah is speaking of a much later time period. We are still waiting for the covenant spoken of by Jeremiah, as well as what Isaiah speaks of also.

     With that out of the way let’s see how many covenants The Almighty has made and when did it start. While studying it took me from Hebrews to Jeremiah, then to Isaiah it took me to the beginning where the first covenant comes into formation. It started with Noah in Genesis 6:18. From Noah it is then given to one of his descendants through the line of Shem. In Shem’s line we come across Abram who later becomes Abraham (Genesis 11:10, 27) and The Almighty chooses Abraham to be the inheritor of the covenant (Genesis 15:18) that started with Noah. From Abraham, The Almighty than chooses Isaac (Genesis 17:19) out of Abraham’s children to receive the covenant. From Isaac’s children we see Jacob is chosen (Genesis 28:3-4) and from Jacob the covenant is then passed down to Ephraim and Manassah (Genesis 48:5, 14-16). The covenant with its blessings was handed down, but to those that The Almighty wants to give it to. Even from our study we see that as the covenant was given out and changes made to it, there were requirements to receive it.

     As time goes by and Jesus reestablishes the covenant with not just his disciples, but all those that were willing to follow Jesus by both words and deeds can fall under the covenant and receive the blessings. This covenant that Jesus made with us is the same one that was made all the way back to Noah. It was reaffirmed throughout generations and when Jesus was here he was given the authority from His Father to do so as we know that all that Jesus did was what His Father wanted him to do (John 5:30). His Father wanted him to renew the covenant with His people.

     This New Covenant that Paul brings up that is found in Jeremiah is the same one that has lasted throughout the time of mankind. It is an everlasting covenant that was started from the beginning and we await this New Covenant, or today we might call it and update to The Almighty’s original and as time goes by with each addition the covenant gets better as well as the blessings that go along with it. The covenant itself was never faulty as Paul mentions, but it was man who is faulty. As to the question of how many covenants that The Almighty has made, the answer is one.