†† ††First I want to talk a little about Joshua who picked up where Moses left off. Joshua is one of my favorite bible character, not just because he was a warrior, but that he was also a very faithful man of God during a time where that was a rare thing even among Godís people during their travel through the wilderness. When the time came to spy out the promise land that God was going to give to His people, it was only Joshua and Caleb that gave a good report about the land and their ability to conquer it. While the other ten spies gave fear inspiring tales and turned the heart of the people from hope to dismay which kept them from entering the promise land for forty years. So when the time came for someone to lead Godís people over the Jordan River to the promise land God chose Joshua to lead His people. Joshua stepped up and was willing to take on the responsibility of the people and not just any people, but Godís chosen people and he was filling some big shoes since he was taking Mosesí place. To me Joshua is a good example of a faithful, God fearing man that loved the LORD and put his trust in Him.

†††† Now I want to look at the story of Jericho which can be found in Joshua Chapter 6, even though I recommend reading from Chapter 1. Jericho was the first big obstacle that the Israelites had to overcome before entering the promise land besides crossing over the Jordan River which in itself was a miracle. There are many examples through the scriptures such as this story that we can relate to in either spiritual or physical trials that we face living for God. We have Jerichoís in our lives, but do we face them like Joshua and have faith in God to see us through or do we do like the Israelites before even crossing the river and look at it as something that is insurmountable as our faith in God falters? Their trip to this point in the story wasnít easy and it was made harder because of their own actions and choices they made on the way, which we should learn from as well. Our own walk with God is made harder or easier by our own actions and choices we make.

†††† Another interesting lesson that can be learned from this story is what it took to bring down the walls of Jericho. When we read about the account in Joshua 6 we can find a very insightful clue in obedience to God and getting things done as well when we seek and ask for help from the LORD. For six days they marched around Jericho once per day and they make no noise or speak to one another as they march around the walls. No idle chit-chat, but silence and patience, they waited on the LORD. They knew they themselves could not bring down the walls, so they waited and were obedient by being silent. Like them we at times need to be quiet and listen for the LORD as well as being patient, for God will do things in His time and will not forsake us. A lot of times we are running around like chickens with their heads cut off and have so much commotion in our lives that we can even hear God when He tries to talk to us. We need to take or make time to let God to get through to us.

†††† Now the seventh day they marched around seven times, still being silent and when the time came when they know God was going to perform the miracle they shouted. Again things do not and will not always come to pass when we want them to, but when God sees fit that it is the right time to have it done and when that time is upon us we should do as the Israelites did and shout and praise the LORD for all that He has done for us. We should always be willing to share and speak of what the LORD has done for us, for those times are not the times to be quiet, but to truly shout our praise to others. We can do that not just as a witness to others, but also as a way of up lifting each other and to strengthen our faith and love for the LORD.