Learning Spiritual Warfare

Lifting the Veil

   Many either are just blind to what we face each day spiritually or they purposely close their eyes from it as to make the world look not so bad. Regardless of what we want to avoid or not see does nothing to change the fact that in this physical world we live in there are countless enemies working behind the scene to ensure that you do not remain faithful to the Lord, but end up in the Lake of Fire.

   The world thinks or wants all to believe that because of our technology and modernization that the things of the past are no more or just inconsequential to us in this modern age that we live in. We not only struggle against a society that does not believe in such things as demons, but we have to contend with Christians that believe and promote that Satan and his minions are powerless. We must not overestimate him, neither should we underestimate him.

   With all that was said let us look at what we must contend with throughout our lives. Jesus gave us a great description of one of the most used minion of Satan, the demon. In Matthew 12:43-45 Jesus gives us a blueprint of that particular enemy. Jesus starts out in Verse 43 with a demon that has been cast out of its home. At that moment it begins to walk about looking for a new home to find rest and of course to cause trouble. Unlike angels, demons need rest (shows a distinction between them, demons are not angels). That is why they will search and seek after a new home, so that they can find rest. In some cases, especially dealing with demons that are fortified in someone or something for a very long time, it takes more to get rid of them from their home. The faith of an individual can affect the outcome of the fight as in Matthew 13:53-58.

 Next in Verse 44 we learn from Jesus what demons will try to do, once they have been cast out and cannot find a home.  Demons are not mindless drones, but do think and reason for themselves and with others of their kind as we will see. This is where those that have them cast out of themselves or even something that they may have in their possession need to cleanse, not only themselves but where they live. That is why in Verse 44 the example Jesus gives is of someone that doesn’t clean up their life, but has done nothing but made a clean home for the demon that was cast out. People need to repent which is to turn from what had cause the demon to come in in the first place and turn their lives over to the Lord so not to leave a place for it to come back into their life and cause even more trouble than at the beginning.

   *Key noteMatthew 17:19-21 Those that want to deal with casting out of demons better make sure that they are prayed up and to be on the safe side be fasted up as well. If you are casting out demons with others then you should make sure you do it with ones of like mind (In one accord), and that none are weak minded for it is a fight you have to be prepared for.

   Jesus helps us understand that we need to be watchful of our house and let us fill it with the word of God and His Spirit, so there will be no room or opening for a demon to setup shop and especially for those that have been delivered from one.

   Lastly in Verse 45 we learn something very interesting about demons. There are different levels or strengths of demons, for this one goes and gets seven others that are worse than itself. If you are not careful about keeping your house in order and your building situated on the Rock then all you’re doing is sweeping an garnishing it for demons. Matthew 8:28-32 as well as Acts 19:13-16 shows demons that are stronger than others you read about in the scriptures.

Now a quick over view of Satan’s four divisions that he uses as mentioned in Ephesians 6:12.

Principalities – This is speaking of positions of authority under “rulers”, such as senators, Representatives, etc.

Powers – These are the military leaders and enforcers, such as army, police, judges, etc.

Rulers of the darkness of this world – These are the world leaders, such as Presidents, Kings, Dictators, etc.

Spiritual wickedness in high places – These are Satan’s wicked angels.

Not all people in these positions are under Satan’s control but those that are in those positions should be cautious as not to allow an opening for Satan to get in. That is why we should always pray for our leaders so that they do not become influenced by him and his minions.


Word of Knowledge – Wicked angels had their power diminished after the period of the flood.