Learning Spiritual Warfare

Breaking the Bonds

   This is the third of five sections of my Spiritual Warfare sermons. We have covered in the first section things we need to do to prepare for battle or in other words, just living our daily lives for the Lord. Also we looked at in the second section those that are our enemies in this world we live in and their desire for us to fail, for they do not want us to receive any reward from God.

   Now we come to learn about bonds that we create and how can we undue what has been done.

   Even though I am speaking of things that take place in the spiritual realm, these things begin in the physical. We have to be careful about all that we do, for bonds can be formed by many things. Things we say, places we go and spend a lot of time at and in some case just a little is enough depending on the place you’re going. These and others actions can create bonds that we do not want and have no idea are being created. Bonds can be formed between people such as friends and family as well as between people that you might have done something with for just one night.

   There is countless ways that bonds are formed, but I would also like to take a moment to talk about generational curses and what I call plain old curses. I call generational curses bonds because they act like chains that tie one generation to the next, but that just how I see them. So people can gain generational curses by marrying into a family that has one. Wrong doings of family members can keep a generation curses going since in Exodus 20:5 speaks of curses only going to the third and fourth generation (Give Examples).

   Because we believe we live in a modern society many think or have themselves fooled into believing that these things cannot be or that if you believe that these things are then you’re crazy. It is sad that we in this day and age have such little understanding of things that the early church knew so much about and how to deal with it. We are so far behind the learning curve in this area of spiritual understanding that we have quite a ways to catch up.

   I will have touched on just a few items that deal with bonds, curses and generational curses. This topic along with the other two sermons before this one are more in depth then what a 45 min sermon can cover, this is just scratching the surface of something that Christians should know all about as well as being prepared to handle whenever we are called upon to break these spiritual bonds. This is not a subject that should not be taken lightly and never to be tried until you have more facts than what I have and will share with you.