Learning Spiritual Warfare

Covering Cherubs

†† Now I will talk a little on another very important topic that parents especially need to know and understand. The implications are serious for good or bad. I came up with this title, because we as parents act as covering for our children, against the bad influences of this world that is under the power of Satan. As our children grow we not only are responsible for the proper raising of them in accordance to Godís word, but as examples of Christ Jesus. We have a great responsibility to watch over and defend our children not just physically, but just as important if not more so spiritually. Can we shelter them completely from the world? No. We can though prepare them and give them the upper hand needed to confront the world and the stand up against it, again not just physically but spiritually as well.

†† For those that did not get to hear the last sermons on spiritual warfare we had gone over equipping ourselves with the Armor of God and using Fasting and Praying as key parts in our arsenal for battle Satan and his minions. We also talked about who our enemies are and what they can will and will do to ruin your walk with The Almighty. Then we covered thirdly breaking of spiritual bonds that people form knowingly and unknowingly. So now we are putting together all three and using that information to be better spiritual parents to our children.

†† The last three sections of the five part series on learning the basics of spiritual warfare are the buildup to this for parents to become the covering for their children and those that want to really aide their children in their spiritual walk as well as protection.Though I could only scratch the surface on the last three sections of the true depth and importance of learning, knowing and using our authority that we have been given by The Almighty to guide and direct our children in His way of life in which He has setup for us, these topics will at least get you started and hopefully get you digging for more. The Almighty has given us in His word good examples on how parents should and should not be.

†† (Genesis 6:8-10; 9:20-27; 27:27-29; 49:1-27; 48:14-20)

†† We need to be prepared and equipped spiritually to take on and handle the very real and serious responsibility of being spiritual watchers and protectors of our children. Let us utilize the authority and power given us that we can use to not only defend our children, but to raise them so that they can stand against the machinations of the Devil as well as when the time comes for them to be parents that they will be even better prepared than we are now.

†† Let us go and be the Covering Cherubs that our children need us to be.