Learning Spiritual Warfare

Going To Battle

†† Each section before this dealt with something new. This time I am going to reiterate on all four, but will be focusing again primarily on Sections one and two. We need to have them drilled into our heads in a sense. What authority have we been given and what weapons have we been equipped with to combat a foe that for the most part has remained hidden in or society and spoken little about in the churches that are supposed to be informing their flocks about the potential threat they pose.

†† I will begin with a scripture that is familiar to everyone, or at least it should be and it should be one that we should not forget nor take lightly. Ephesians 6:10-18 is the one we need to keep in mind. We are equipped as warriors and not pacifists. Jesus did not give Satan and his lackeys any slack and neither should we since they will not cut you any as we can see in Acts 19:13-16. Also, another very important part of our daily lives that CAN NOT be neither forgotten nor neglected is prayer and fasting. Jesus shows us in Matthew 17:21 that we need prayer and fasting when dealing with Satan and his demons.

†† The next scripture that we need to keep in mind that Jesus gave us is Matthew 12:43-45. Jesus gives us an inside look at what our enemies are like and will do to keep their influence in our lives. He shows that they are not mindless buffoons nor does he show them as being powerless and weak. They may belong to Satan and be under his influence, but they also will make their own choices and decisions. So far these are two key scriptures to write down, possibly within your Bible as quick references in this area of spiritual warfare. As I said before they will cut you no slack for they want to see you fail as followers of Christ. They get pleasure from our mistakes and when we slip they will try to keep you from getting back up. When we walk in the Lord and live Godly lives they will hate us, yes, but they will fear you as well. We need to let the light of God shine in our lives.

†† Now I will speak again on Bonds their significance. I believe that Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18 is twofold and speaks of heaven in the sense of the spiritual realm that exists around us. What we bind on earth is bind in heaven and what we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Yes we can bind things such as demons and we can loosen the shackles of people, but we need to be aware of the fact that we also can make binding upon ourselves without even knowing it. We need to remember who we are in Christ and that we cannot afford giving Satan a foothold in our lives. Satan cannot just come along and possess someone because he feels like it, nor his demons. We have to have done something to open ourselves up to it. Now people can be oppressed demonically as well. Letís say you did something wrong, Iíll leave what it was up to your imagination, through that you allow a demon(s) the right to spiritually and at times physically attack you. They will try to get you to do it more as well as do other things that are wrong. There are so many ways and kinds of bonds that are formed that I will try to give you some examples during the sermon.

†† Lastly is that parent have more to contend with since what they do doesnít just affect them, but effects their children as well. Through all that we do we can bring about good or evil on our children. We can become a blessing or a curse, as well as putting a blessing on them or putting a curse on them.

†† Let us all be a blessing to each other and let us also keep watch over each other safe guarding our lives from any intrusion by Satan and his demons.