Milk and Meat

††Paul recognized something the early churches were suffering from and that was spiritual stagnation. Paul was quite enthusiastic about spreading the gospel and encouraging people to turn their lives over to the Lord and to turn from their carnal/sinful life. From his letters he wrote he was dealing with a lot of issues that each congregation was dealing with. I feel for Paul running around as well as writing letters (probably a lot more than just what we have in the Bible) to try and handle all the problems that were arising. Paul shouldered or felt he had to since undoubtedly most of these congregations he had started on his travels.

†† ††Paul addresses the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 3:1-3 as if he was dealing with spiritual children because he saw that they were not growing spiritually and because of this none growth the congregation was suffering and the people within could not get pass their carnal life. This same issue is afflicting the churches of today as well and worse so. Not only does he address the members of the Corinthian congregation, but he also turns his attention to those that are in the position of teaching when he calls them out in Hebrews 5:11-14. He is even blaming the teachers because they have digressed and need to be taught again the basics of Godís Word and those that partake of or drink just the milk and go no further are inexperienced in the Word. By verse 14 Paul is clearly putting importance on going from milk to meat, since the strong meat is for the spiritual adults and that this meat (Biblical Insight and Understanding) also gives them the additional foundational knowledge to make sound judgments between both good and evil without being like waves of the sea going back and forth on matters.

†† ††Is milk bad? No, we all have to start somewhere and even Peter mentioned this fact in 1 Peter 2:1-3 that as newborn babes we need the sincere milk of the Word. As newborn babes or as some call them babes in Christ then those should savor the milk of the Word and grow to a point on it, but there must be a time when the child in Christ should grow up and not be dependent on the milk. If you are stuck on the milk then you havenít matured in the Word or your relationship with God. †††††

†††† There is so much that can be found that is hidden in the bible that can be beneficial to not just yourself, but others that you will come across in your life. If we remain a child then we will find it much harder helping others to grow since we arenít. Also if we remain as a child then we will find it harder to help the more difficult or hardened non-believers come to the Lord. As we grow more mature in the Lord we also have a greater grip on it as well as understanding of the Word which will lead to a much more established foundation which is needed in the more difficult and trying times of our lives.

†††† Let us strengthen and mature in Godís Word and move beyond carnal problems that World struggles with and become true men and women of God.