Mocking God

     Just to start off, most people may know the saying “God is not one to be mocked”. At least that is how I have always said it. You can find in Galatians 6:7 where it is more straight forward and says “God is not mocked”. Interesting point is the first part of that verse where it says “Be not deceived”. This is where I believe many have fallen into, many have been deceived and by being deceived they now are mocking God and do not even know it.

     Mocking can be more than just making fun of someone or something. In some cases it is just an act of cruelty or it can also go hand and hand with scorning. Normally it is a way to belittle someone in some fashion or another. Laughter does not have to have any connection with mocking. Let us look at some scriptures throughout the Bible and see if all mocking deal with laughter or does it cover all sorts of mocking.

Numbers 22:28-29 Mocking by actions

Judges 16:10,15 Mocking by lies

Proverbs 1:26 Mocking by laughing

Jeremiah 38:19 Mocking by torture

Matthew 20:19 Mocking by scorning and death

     And there lies the one part of being deceived, because people that supposedly believe in God do not realize they are mocking Him since they are not laughing at Him. We find that mocking takes place in many ways and there is a way that God is being mocked and that is by being belittled.

     We know from the beginning God is a jealous God from Exodus 20:4-5; 34:14 and combining those with Galatians 6:7 we should truly take heed to how we see God and how we should respect Him for who He is.

          Jesus respected his Father, who also was his God, just as The Almighty is our Father and God as well (John 20:17). Do we accredit to God all that we have, just as Jesus does, as we can see in John 5:26, 30. Jesus tells us where all that he has and was given is from his Father. Jesus even expounds on a scripture that even I thought I knew, but later was shown how wrong I was and that I needed, as Jesus did, to show all honor and glory to our Father in heaven. I am quite sure all have an idea what John 3:16, but it was not until I was shown otherwise by Jesus’ own words in John 5:24 the true meaning of John 3:16. Just as Jesus’s ministry pointed to getting everyone to turn back to his Father, we need to remember that God is to be our focus. Jesus knew that all good things came from his Father.

     Now knowing all that has been covered will I mention about the mocking that is taking place around the world by the same people who profess to believe in God and do not realize they are mocking God. Just as the scripture says “Be not deceived, God is not mocked”. Christians have been mocking God by belittling Him. You may ask me how, and the how is by putting God’s own son in the place of his Father. God is being mocked continuously and I am quite sure Satan has been enjoying it for centuries, for not only is God being mocked, but so is His son Jesus who so desperately wanted people to turn to his Father; these same people are now substituting him for his Father. This was even prophesied in Isaiah 7:14 and brought back up in Matthew 1:23 that people would think and proclaim Jesus as God.

     Let us not mock God or His son, but let us do what Jesus has been trying to get people to do during his whole ministry and that is to turn their lives over to God. I fear that people do not fear God as they should and by them not properly fearing Him they have fallen short of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10) which they desperately need in their lives. Last but far from being least is Hebrews 10:31 we do not serve an idol, but the only true God.