Spiritual Bonds

†††† Spiritual bonds is knowledge lost to Christians over the centuries and especially to those today who need to know this is more so now than ever. With the increase of knowledge through the internet and the other inventions of man we have fallen so far behind the Spiritual learning curve that we have become weak in so many areas that our very lives are threatened. Though it has been roughly two thousand years since Jesusí arrival and departure so much has been lost from those same people he came to help, but do not let that be an excuse to continue on the same path that so many others are continuing on this very day.

†††† That is why today I am speaking on this very topic and I am not just doing it so that when I am before the Lord I can say that I did all that I could, but I do it for I worry about Godís people perishing because they lacked the knowledge needed to confront what is and always will be going on around us. You canít fix something if you donít know what the problem is and there lies a major issue I want to address. Christians for the most part seem to like to hide their head in the sand or think that if the try to ignore the facts that the world we live in is under the control of Satan that somehow all is well and the Devil has no power upon this world.

†††† If you believe that Satan is powerless and that the world is not under his control then I guess you donít need to hear or read this. Which that would mean also that you donít believe the words of Jesus when he had to confront Satan during the temptations in Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus never refuted that Satan had a legitimate claim to the kingdoms of the world in verse 8-10. Nor did Peter say that he Satan was powerless in 1 Peter 5:8. We have to be careful not to pick and choose what we want to believe in from the scriptures, but we most except it all and understand what has been written in Godís Word.

†††† Now letís get into the meat of the subject of Spiritual Bonds. Though bonds are formed in many ways they all involve relationships in different forms. There are bonds that are formed between acquaintances, there are those formed between friends, there are those formed between family members and there are bonds that are formed between spouses. The Bible does show good and bad examples of these.

Genesis 5:22-24 we see the bond between God and Enoch and that led to God taking Enoch from this world, now thatís a bond I would like to have with God where He would decide that we were so close that He didnít want me to leave His side.

1 Samuel 20:1-42 give an account showing the depth of their bond between friends. They even acknowledge the bond that they have even before the LORD in verse 23. The bond and friendship in which they had saved Davidís life and they were true friends. They had a friendship that is lacking in this world today.

†††† Though Samsonís whole life showed one bad relationship after another we can see how a bond with the wrong person can be disastrous and blind oneís eyes to the truth around them. Judges 16:4-17 shows the blinding effect of the relationship as well as the outcome of literal blindness. You must be careful who you ďyokeĒ yourself to as it states in 2 Corinthians 6:14.

†††† Then you also have the story of Eli and the bonds that he had with his sons and what that brought him in the end when God brought judgment upon the children Eli refused to correct. We read of the final account of Eli in 1 Samuel 6:11-18. If his relationship and bond with his sons were good he would have rectified the situation before it got out of hand with them.

†††† Even Jesus was careful who he associated with when he was down here. Though he preached to the people and even sat down and eat with them at times, he did not hang out with them as if they were friends. That he reserved for his disciples alone and not for everyone. In like manner we need to do the same when dealing with those in the world. Even later on Paul states in 1 Corinthians 15:33 that we most avoid companionship, company that is bad and that can lead to us doing things that are wrong and thus effecting of relationship with God.

†††† Itís all the bonds that we form throughout our lives that we need to be aware of and know when to and when not to create bonds for some will lead to good outcomes while others will lead to bad outcomes. I have related at times in the pass that the bonds we form is like a spider web, each connection we make leads to others and so forth. So do we want to spin a tangled web of lies (bad bonds) or do we want a beautifully formed web of support. We need to be aware of the spiritual aspect of our relationships that we make and that the bonds that are form in this world and that just because you cannot see them with you physical eyes does not mean that they are not there and are effecting your very life that you live.