Time Given to America

†††† I would like to take this time to share with you a study and belief concerning the very nation that we live in today. I knew God placed prophecy within His word to be signs for us to know when things were going to happen and for us to continue to be watchful as Jesus informed his disciples to be (Matthew 24:42-43; Mark 13:33-37). So for starters we being followers of Christ should be doing a lot of watching and a lot less sleeping. During Jesusís ministry he spoke of the end time and what it would be similar to as far as history is concerned. In Matthew 24:32-39 he makes a point of using a parable about a fig tree and that common sense tells us if the fig tree produces new leaves that the season of summer is close at hand. Like whys when signs that are prophesied about begin to take shape we know that we live close to the coming of Jesus. Again we need to be watchful to notice the new shoots of leaves (signs). Further on he says that the generation that sees these signs of the end would not pass till all was fulfilled. This would give us some kind of time reference as well for he says that that particular generation would some way or another still be around when the end comes. Then he finishes with that the time of the end would be as in the days of Noah, eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage. This just shows that people have lost their interest of being watchful and are caught up in their daily lives and have forsaken their relationship with God and no longer care about our true future, but what we can get now. We all know how much time has passed since Jesus was last here and we know he spoke not of that generation back then, but we need to not fall asleep and be caught unaware as did the people just before the flood.

†††† This brings me to the prophecy of America, this country with all of its influence and splendor, cannot not be mentioned in prophecy. First I would like to mention something that gives prophecy a whole new light and understanding. It is thought that a woman in prophecy speaks of the church or at least an apostate church, the strange thing is that a woman in prophecy such as those mentioned in the Old Testament conveys a nation and not some church and she is a combination of a spiritual and secular nation. So unless we change what a woman represents we have to stick with what it has always shown and that is a Nation. This brings me to Revelation 12:13-17. I know that verses 1-12 speaks of a woman as well, the same one a matter of fact, and we will get a better understanding of her from our Sabbath School Study we are doing in the first half of our service. Just as a quick note for verses 1-12, since I want to get more into the next section, is that we know that the man child represents Jesus and that the woman represents the nation of Israel (which is only partly shown by the country that existed during Christís time, for the Northern Tribes had been taken into captivity many years before Jesus). Jesus ministry lasted for 3 Ĺ years and through his ministry the nation was fed and not just the Southern Tribes. Jesus sent out by twos disciples (Matthew 10:5-6) to go and preach to the Lost Tribes of Israel. These Tribes are what we are learning about and where they went in our Sabbath School Study.

†††† Now getting back to Revelation 12:13-17; we will get to see the beginning of America in prophecy. This woman who is given the wings of a great eagle (Symbol of our Nation) flees to the wilderness and for a time, times and half a time. Do to religious persecution people flee from Europe over to America and as more and more come over a nation is finally formed in 1776, before this no nation existed yet over here. This woman (Nation) is given so much time of protection in verse 14 (Time, Times and half a Time). It was revealed to us that a Time was a generation and a generation was 40 years, which is also the time that Godís people had gotten throughout the Old Testament for such things as judging and even peace as well as reigning of Kings (Judges 3:11; Judges 5:31; Judges 8:28; Judges 13:1; 1 Samuel 4:1; 2 Samuel 5:4; 1 Kings 11:42 2Kings 12:1). A Time being 40 years, Times being 80 years and half a Time being 20 years we get 140 years of protection. From 1776 to 1916 is 140 years which brings us to when roughly the time we entered into WWI. The time of our safety and separation ended, we started to become the World power that we once were. After this as we see in verse 15 the serpent casts out a flood of water after the woman at which point America also begins to take in a lot more immigrants, which we were supposed to be a melting pot, but becamea segregated Nation. As it was shown, the Devil would use an influx of many people to affect this Nation and its future. Though this Nation has fallen far from God do to the Devilís efforts he continues to hate her because the remnant that still hold the commandments of God dear. Another warning given to this generation is that we would receive the same amount of time given to Noah to build the Ark which was 100 years (Genesis 5:32; 6:10-13; 7:6), as Jesus spoke of the time of the end being as the days of Noah. Our protection ending around 1916 and WWI as a Sign for that generation we are given the time of Noah of 100 years, which bring us to 2016. Will the World come to an end that year? No, but for the hopes of this Nation it will be the cutoff point for America and the lifting of any remaining blessings that this Nation has left from God.

†††† Remain watchful for the signs given unto us.