Who are the Elect?

†† The Bible speaks of a group that appears to be set apart from everyone else. This group even appears unique to the point where God will shorten the time frame of the end times because of them. We read of them in only a couple places, but that in itself is enough to draw attention to them for the action that is taken by God on their behalf. We get to read about them where they are first and only mentioned by the name of the elect by Jesus when he is speaking about the end times and the signs that will be given to show us when those times are upon us. In Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 is where we are introduced to a rather elite group of people that God is willing to shorten the time frame of the end times for. I believe these same elect are mentioned elsewhere but are called by a different name, but this name implies the same distinction.

†† Letís say that you are an Elect. Why would you be set apart from everyone else and who would be the one setting you apart to make you one of the Elect? Those two questions I would say will help lead you to a telling sign of who we are looking for to figure out this particular group. I mentioned that I believe they are referred to by another name in the scriptures and we will take a look at those as well, but remember we are looking for ones that stand out from all others to make then noticeable by God. Many may take offense because they may say God notices everyone or that God is not partial. God is not a respecter of persons, but He has shown partiality by selecting people to be His from all others and we know that He will take special notice of those that truly seek after Him than those that may do it half-heartedly. People tend to make a big deal about themselves as if they were the next best thing from the invention of sliced bread, but we need to avoid being conceded and judging God for the choices He makes.

†† Let us look now at Matthew 20:16 as well as Matthew 22:14 to see what name they are referenced by other than Elect. We read here that Jesus is making a distinction between two groups of people, those that are called which are many and the chosen which are few. These few I believe are the same ones that are mentioned as the Elect. Being chosen and selected out of many means there is something different and unique about you that would have you being noticed more than others. Many people back in history and even now know and believe of the one true God, but out of those entire God would chose, those that He felt had special qualities about them for Him to set apart from others and those people we read about in the scriptures more than others. Both the called and the chosen will go to heaven, but the chosen God Himself has selected to be His. This is one of the answers as to what makes them different from all others, that God has chosen them for Himself and has set them apart for a purpose which only they will know what for.

†† We find in Revelation 7:4 that in the last days, these chosen few will be sealed with the Seal of God on their foreheads. Some may think that the 144,000 is dealing with the Nation of Israel that we know of today, which then make people think that if the 144,000 is not a figurative number then it must be referring to just the Jewish people. That assumption is wrong for from twelve tribes they are selected and the Jewish people come from only one, the Tribe of Judah. Maybe some may think 144,000 arenít a few but many, but again if you compare that number to the billions that are upon the face of the earth then you are looking at a drop in the bucket. These chosen few again are a reference to the Elect. This topic alone brings up another area of discussion, which will have to wait for another time.

Another interesting point brought up in Revelation 13:8; 17:8; 20:12 and 21:27 leads to another scripture as well found in Malachi 3:16-18. Revelation mentions a Book of Life, also called the Lambs Book of Life and also it mentions other books that are opened and from all of these are the people judged according to their works. Now in Malachi 3:16-18 we get to see something unique in that a Book of Remembrance is written for those that have focused their lives upon God and to do so they would have to have done all that God has commanded for all to do, but only a few it seems has and will have done so. The books mentioned in Revelation alone bring up more interesting discussions, but for the purpose of finding out who these Elect are will be the only one I will cover for now.

†† These Elect who are around during the last days are chosen out of everyone by God, sealed on their forehead with the Seal of God. And as there is a Lambís Book there is also one made by God for those that have focused their lives upon Him and that meditate upon all that is God and so He has set them apart from all others and has given them responsibilities that others do not have. Both the called and chosen will be there in heaven, but in the end of time there will be a chosen few, the elect that will be set aside to do the will of God and for their sake God will shorten the time so that some flesh will be saved upon this earth.