You are a Fig Tree

†† I guess we can be compared to many things mentioned in the Bible from sheep to goats to foxes and vipers depending on if we are good or if we are bad. For what I will be talking about I am going to call you a Fig Tree. Even in our dailies we may have been called one of those previous names, but the chances are you havenít been called a Fig Tree. Though we are to be judged by our fruit to see what type of person we are, but to be called a Fig Tree straight out I kind of doubt that you have been labeled one of those.

†† As I have mentioned before and will continue to mention is that there are many hidden secrets you can find within the scriptures that for the most part have been overlooked or shied away from for they may be to touchy of a subject to bring up, some may feel. If we are to learn whatís in the scriptures and I mean all of them then we must not try to hide what may feel uncomfortable or fear where it may lead us in understanding. And this topic is one of those I fear that people may try to avoid or explain away in fear of what the implications of are.

†† Along with the scripture I will be talking about, there is another one that also is one of those that you may never hear spoke about because of its implication. In Luke 13:5-9 we get to read a parable that speaks strongly to us about repenting from the way of life we had before turning it over to the Lord and what happens if we donít take that choice we make seriously. If we show no fruits then we see here the outcome of it, he will have us cut down. Not only does it say that, but also that he will give us only so much time to show some fruit. We donít have all our life to do as we after we turn over our life to the Lord, by choosing to follow him we have made that commitment to change from who we were to who we should be through him.

†† That is the issue that I see in this World, so many professing to be followers and all they are, are hypocrites. The majority of Christians are running around doing what they feel is right and what seems right to them and take in no consideration of how God sees things. Isnít it just lovely how people will say WWJD and they themselves feel that they actually are living a Christ like life, if only they would take a realistic view of how they are living and compare it to Jesusís real life and not some washed over picture of love, peace and harmony, but the true picture of how he stood out from ALL others because how he lived and did as his Father had asked of him. If Jesus followed and did what his Father wanted then in turn you should be doing what his Father has continued to ask people to do down through the ages. The road (Matthew 7:13, 14) leading off to destruction is wide and it needs to be for all those that are going down that road because of their own selfish desires that they place before God.

†† We see as well in Matthew 3:10 and 7:16-19 that God does expect to see some form of growth as well as fruit from us and the cost of not producing good fruit of any quantity will bring the axe to bare upon us and the casting of us into that fire. You may think that I am harping on this too much, but from my view I may not be doing enough, for the time in which we live is so full of many forms of corruption that it has made Believers watered down and compromised by the desires of this World. Jesus spoke of the coming of the Kingdom of God, but he preached repentance and the NEED to turn from the World and its desire and the cost of not doing so.

†† This brings me to the other avoided scripture which I fear is not spoke about enough in todayís Churches can be found in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. Those that do get caught up in this World and find pleasure in the unrighteousness of it and turn from the truth will be given over to strong delusion, so that they will not be able to turn from the path that the so desired to follow. This may sound, to many so-called Christians as being harsh, cruel, mean or even unjust. Has not God given all the chance to turn from their sinful ways and has He not shown great love and patience with putting up with what we have done not just to ourselves, but to others, besides allowing His son to come down here an die for OUR sins when He did not have to do that.

†† Let us not become selfish in seeing what we want to see, but seeing things how God sees them. Maybe if people took what Jesus and his Father has done for us seriously they would appreciate the gift given to them and the opportunity to enter into His Kingdom. Let us all take a true and realistic look at our lives and compare it to who we say that we follow.